Friday, November 17, 2017

What and Why do I avoid?

  1. Meat
    1. Most farmed animals/birds are treated with antibiotics as per law and that creates immunity against antibiotics
    2. Meat messes with the pronunciation  of certain words (Sanskrit chants) which are a bit hard to pronounce. I face difficulty in pronouncing certain words.
    3. Affects my meditation.
    4. Against my principle 'enjoy your life with least harm or hurt to anyone or anything'
    5. A chicken in a lifetime might eat 20 meal worth of beans or food grains but it will hardly serve one or two when it gets killed. Inefficient way of generating food in a world where many die of hunger
    6. more carbon footprint than vegetable meal
    7. It takes 6-7 times more water to cook a meat meal than a vegetarian meal. In world where people are still dying of lack of good drinking water or farmers committing suicide for lack of water, I can contribute passively by preferring a veg meal instead of meat meal.
    8. It costs more money, more water, more carbon footprint, more grains....I simply cannot justify it to myself
      If in future when science advances and takes away all the above associated factors then I will surely consider consuming it. Yes it tastes good but when compared to the proud feeling that you get when you avoid meat for the above mentioned reasons, the taste of meat is nothing.
  2. Alcohol
    1. unhealthy
    2. A liter of  alcoholic beverage costs upto 17 liters of regular water. When all the beings of this world have enough good water for their consumption then I will consider it.
    3. return on investment or what you get out of it after it wears of can be measured in negative numbers. So it takes more from you than it gives (temporarily) in the long run.
  3. Tobacco
    1. unhealathy
    2. affects others and not just me


So this is for my pals and colleagues who often have this dilemma on whether to ask someone out or not and if they do then how many times and whether or not it will be considered as workplace harassment. I have always told this to my pals and now I just want to write it down so that they can come and read it if they forget because I am kind of tired of telling about this to them again and again, especially when I have to repeat it to the same lot of friends.

Rule of 3

Attempt to introduce yourself not more than 3 times. If it fails then forget it and move on

If you have tried 3 times to talk to or introduce yourself but failed or they have not responded then be matured enough to know that they have
  1. more important and special people in their life than you
  2. more important and special things to do in their life than you
  3. people have different tastes, some like pizza, some like dosa, some like veggies. Can't blame them for their taste. you do not suit their taste in people.

Ask them out for a coffee/lunch/brunch/meal/movie/shopping or whatever but never more than 3 times. If within these 3 times if they don't say yes then move on.

If you are asking a person out for any kind of socializing then you are doing one, most or all of the following.
  1. (workplace) harassment
  2. Disrespecting the other person by disrespecting their decision.
  3. Demeaning the other person because you are subconsciously telling them
    1. that you are/were wrong
    2. you do not know how to judge/validate people
    3. I do not care about your opinion or decision about me, my feelings and need and wants are greater than your opinion or decision
  4. Insult their intelligence by subconsciously telling them that they are 
    1. not intelligent enough to know what they want
    2. not intelligent enough to decide what or who is good for them

Go out with them not more than 3 times if none of the 3 leads to courtship.

  1. you have invested the most precious thing a human has. TIME. if you have invested 3 days in a person and if that did not lead to courtship then trying to entertain someone even after 3 failed dates means one, many or all of the following.
    1. you wasted their time, 3 times.
    2. If you value time of you and them then you would not go for 4th
    3.  you do not value your own time and thus how can you value someone else's time?
    4. You do not have any goals in life or there is anything better you can do with your time than going out entertaining people in order to achieve courtship and nobody respects a person who doesn't have any goals in life or better things to do in life than achieving courtship.
    5. you do not have any self respect or ego. How can someone else respect you if you do not respect yourself? How can someone else value your time if you do not value your own time?
I always consciously try to treat people the way I want to be treated by them. I think everyone should.
you might think that I must have gotten my calendar full then? LOL LOL. I would have had a better chance in dating if I was gay than me being straight because there are more guys like me who are
non smokers
non alcoholic
but there are no girls who even consider the possibility of such a guy being worthy of hanging out; to top it all my interest in music (mostly western/trance/japanese/edm/psychedelic/rap/hiphop/r&b....), games, movies(mostly english, japanese, thai, chinese, french....) makes me odder among-st odds. Most importantly I got no car, sportbike or a nice apartment of my own which a lot of guys much younger than me have. So, respect yourself, respect others and their choices. Your life is worth more than one person, including yourself.
Let us say you are trying to get a place for rent, may be an apartment or even buy one. you ask the owner and they are not ready. You try to get them interested few times and that is okay but for every new attempt you make for the same place, you are losing out on the probability and possibility of a better place than the one that you are trying. In the end by the time you decide to try out other places you might have lost them too since you were too busy trying for just one. When I have time I will even give you a simple mathematical indisputable formula, till then try to enjoy these lines.
some fruits look good and taste bad,
some fruits look bad and taste good,
some fruits look good and taste good,
some fruits look bad and taste bad...
harass no fruit by trying more than thrice

coz there r aplenty of trees & aplenty of fruits...

Run this code in your python code...just for fun. You will see that higher your number of dates with the same person, lower your chances are to find a partner in the long run. Numbers and math....they never lie.

    ActiveYears = int(input("Total number of years where you will be dating?"))
    MaxDatePerperson = int(input("maximum number of dates that you will go with the same person before you move on to someone else?"))
except ValueError:
    print("Not an integer value...")
chances = (ActiveYears * 12 * 4) / MaxDatePerperson
print('your chances of finding a partner are never more than {}'.format(chances))

Sunday, October 22, 2017

I would If I could - 4 - mandatory self surveillance

benefits of this proposal

  1. no cost to government
  2. saves money to government in legal system
  3. increased protection towards women
  4. decreased crime rate
  5. increased employment
  6. decreased load on police department
  7. increase in the speed of resolution of the cases
  8. decreased terror activities
proposal :
all businesses, shops and establishments worth certain amount should install surveillance cameras at each of their entrances and they should maintain a record of these recordings from a minimum 1 month to a year based on the type and net worth of the establishment. If these establishments are main roads then easily criminals who know the presence of cameras will certainly avoid any mischievous activities. Accidents which happen on the roads too now will have evidences. These are public places and hence nobody is invading anybody's privacy. In case of any theft, robbery at these establishments, advanced automated facial recognition can help us to identify crooks easily. Even releasing the footage to public can help to nab the culprits too.

I would If I could - 3 - shifting beverage production to sea shores

the following proposal will have these advantages

  1. minimize the possibilities of attach from any country since many of the world's major private organizations will have more to lose than the countries at war. War is most of the times is about money, resources and the same thing will now create more hurdles for any country to attack us since they will be harming private organizations which influence world politics and economy and they will be mostly hurting citizens or employees of these organizations.
  2. no cost R&D for government
  3. increased employment without any government's spending or effort
  4. increased coastal security
  5. increased tourism
  6. solves water problem across india
  7. distributed growth across india
Mandating the beverage companies who make hot and cold beverages including water to use only sea or desalinated water as their source. production of a litre of soda costs more than 2x and more than 10x for alcoholic beverages. Mandate all leather industries over a particular size to use only desalinated water. If we can try to recommend this at a global level then this will be even better.This will make most companies to set up their establishment near sea shores. It increases the employment at coastal areas. This will also give birth to more beaches which in turn will increase local, national and international tourism over a period of time. Following are the reasons that we can cite to enforce such a mandate
  1. solve drinking problem
  2. prevent pollution
  3. increase employment across coastal areas
  4. stop wastage of irrigation water
  5. preserving ground water levels

I would If I could - 2 - Viral development via Smart Cities

Viral development via Smart Cities

example city : bangalore

Current disadvantages of cities/smart cities

  1. polarization of growth, development
  2. Dis connectivity between the residents of city and the rest of the citizens of the country
  3. Rise of class system
  4. migration of people, talent only towards city causing weaker section of society everywhere except city.
  5. talented, efficient people would not want to go to other places than cities due to lack of facilities, growth or development
  6. there won't be any growth, development or facilities other than cities due to lack of efficient people in places other than cities and also lack of interest
  7. sooner are later cities become seeders and places away from cities become leechers (if you have used bittorrent technology, then you would know)
  8. The migration of people to cities will always be higher than the rate of growth or accommodation and capacity of the cities due to the natural tendency of people to migrate to a better place with better opportunities
  9. over crowded cities cause heavy traffic, congestion, lack of water, lack of power etc.,
  10. over crowded cities also increase the cost of living and education which forces educated well qualified people to have less kids but the not so qualified, not so well educated people have more kids. In short those who can provide better education, future to kids start having less kids but those who cannot start having more kids (govt will support them anyway)
  11. concentration of talented, efficient people at few cities cripples the security of the city. In the worst case scenario of an entire city getting infected, attacked, bombed then the country will lose most of its talent which is the soft power of a country. Take down of just 4 cities of a country will cripple the talent and technological advancement of our country to less than half and it will take at least another 30 to 40 years to catch up with the rest of the world
....there are many more but you get the idea

advantages of Distributed Smart cities

  1. all the above mentioned disadvantages will be addressed with this system
  2. least traffic or no traffic
  3. no need to upgrade the existing road/transport system
  4. the rate at which the city grows = the rate at which the nearest cities grow
  5. Increased employment
  6. no migration to cities 
  7. opportunities at the tier 2 cities will be as good as those at tier 1 cities
  8. in the worst case scenario of an entire tier 1 city being neutralized, half or more than that of the citizens of the city will still be safe and sound
  9. Complete connectivity between the people of city and those of the village or small town....
1 to and fro bullet train from Bangalore [preferably electronic city or Whitefield (major tech zones and places of employment)] to the nearest capital city of the neighboring district, let say the town/city D. The admission will be prioritized based on the following order -> employment in the city, people in need of urgent medical care, people who have their court dates. The aim is to slowly shift/distribute the residence of the dwellers of the city to a radius of a distance which can be covered within an hour by a bullet train. A bullet train covers 320 km. If we take even a 200km radius then we will have the people of the city distributed across the state. If bullet trains themselves will generate a lot of income and employment. If the city dwellers shift their residence to a less noisy, less crowded places with low cost of living then their salary expectations will be low too. This encourages many companies across the world to set up their organizations here. when the talent from city starts to live at places other than cities then their spending power, their expectation and standards of living, their readiness to invest more in their children's education will drive development and opportunities where they live. These people will also get their vegetables, fruits and many other food items for cheap since tier 2, 3 cities are well connected to farmers than cities. Now the farmers are happy too since they can sell it to the people who are happy to buy from them without bargaining since the cost is a lot less than that of city. buyer, farmer and citizens will be. It is a win win situation. It is better to inform the tech companies to invest directly into these bullet trains to tier 2/3 cities instead of paying tax to the government. In the mean time we should also limit the height of the buildings in cities to make sure the growth happens evenly, horizontally and not vertically. Once the people who work at cities start living not in tier 1 cities, they will surely influence growth, development and may start their own ventures in tier 2 cities. Kids who grow up in cities are becoming increasingly distant from those who are not from cities, this will change the whole game. 
In short the more we decrease the time of traveling between cities and towns, the uniformity of growth and development will increase. you can do this either by bullet train or any other modern means of transport.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


when i see you
and when i don’t
when i am awake
when i am asleep
i wondered all day
i wondered all night
what you are
why you are
the way you are
now that i know
what you were and
what you are
yes that's what you are
‘to the old me and new
a visceral viagra...’

Saturday, May 27, 2017



It was raining today
and I wished you were here
on my bike, behind me
holding me, hugging me
loving arms around me
your warm breath on me
but it never happened
it never did, may be someday
but it may never will...

yours, mine and the bike’s
all hearts revving up in sync
piercing the pearls of rain
while the taste still lasts
of the food that they served
while the glimpse still lasts
of the smile that you served
told me what all i can do
to see it again, again and again

that good night smile you gave,
you shouldnt have;
that touch of your hand i still feel,
you shouldnt have;
but when you did,
it left a wanting for more;
more of you, more of that,
but still I’m glad, of what I had
that which I may never have.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

I would If I could - 1 - Opportunities, Reservations and promotion

I would If I could - 1

Single unified reservation, promotion system where every opportunity in any form will be offered only to the women of the section of the community or a group which wants such a benefit.

Sections of the society will be identified (dalits, sc, st, muslims, christians etc.,) and those who seek reservation in jobs, financial aid or reservation of any form or type will be women first and men next. ex : If there are 100 seats reserved in STEM field of education then it will first be offered to the females of the reserved class and then the remaining will be given to the males. So far most of such opportunities are grabbed by men and the status of their community is still at such a lower state that even after decades of independence they need this affirmative action. If this is offered to females first and then males then it will be greatly effective in 2 ways as below.

1. Hyper gamy is mainly followed by females so if females are having their status improved by such affirmative action in their community/group then males will be indirectly forced to up their game and effort to be in  a higher status than the females so that they can be eligible for the females.
Currently,  males get all the opportunities defined in such affirmative action and thus they will be eligible for the females with least or no effort which also forces the females of such communities to be backward, oppressed and have no say in any family matters such as family planning.

2. In almost all the cases where both males and females are educated they dont have more children than they can afford to take care of... In most cases they have just 2 or a maximum of 3 kids per couple. This will control the population too. Uncontrolled population growth of a community is one of the reason of poverty and backwardness.

I would If I could - 0 - If I Ruled

This is a series of blogs which i am planning to write about what I would do if i could. This is not me hoping for a dictatorship with me as the dictator but this is me listing out the things that I would like to be done, laws or even influence them. Hopefully someone will read them and implement.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The kind of people I don't have as guests no more

1. They cause sleep deprivation
So everyone has their own sleeping pattern and comfort. I like mine to be quiet and dark.
a) It's annoying to have someone who has to have a fan turned on which makes me feel that I am sleeping under a chopper or a helicopter. It's just noisy and cold for me.
b) your body gets used to your snoring and can sleep with it but you can't tolerate someone else snoring in your bed, Atleast not me. I can't sleep anywhere where it is not quiet. I admit I snore slightly but I don't appreciate someone waking me or shaking me when I start to snore a bit bcz everytime then do that to break my snoring it takes 30 minutes for me to get back to sleep.
c) they want the light turned on and I love my room to be dark when I sleep.
2. They make my place messier than what it was
If you ask me Its not polite to go to someone's place and litter everywhere before you leave. If I visit someone's place and I want to be able to visit them again, then I will try not to make they're messier than what it was.. If possible I will gladly name it neater if not cleaner before I leave.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feminism --> MGTOW the cashcow for the short sighted capitalists

There are some who are of the view that feminism will destroy the economy, starting from the west but on the contrary it might make the capitalist's eyes bigger and wider.
Let us say that there is a family of 6 with 2 kids, parents and grand parents. This is the scene of India few years ago. This is very bad for the economy since they will now have just 1 house which is bad for the real estate business. They will now have just 1 TV, 1 home phone, 1 radio, 1 car for all which is bad for the economy. Now let us have the broken families of the west where they have to take appointment to meet their parents (which most often will be more than 2). Now grand pa has his own house, grand ma has her own house, husband and wife are taking a divorce and they have a separate house, their kids are of age now and they have their own place to stay. In short now all the materials are 6x than the earlier time. Feminism is greatly helping this cause and if everyone becomes a MGTOW then it is even better for the economy. Now instead of 2 we have 4 people fighting for the custody of the kid. Let us say a gay couple now wants a baby and hire a surrogate mother and the egg was from another lady of their preference. Now the there are potentially 4 people who can go to court to claim the custody of the child. In the case of MGTOW it is 3. If everyone in the world becomes single and start having kids like this method of surrogacy and borrowed eggs then we have some individuals who have to buy every thing for themselves without having to share anything that they buy. Everyone in the world has a house, their own car, their own bike, their own everything since they don't have anyone to share it. This is also great for the government because now they have more to govern where nobody is in support of anyone as a family and nobody is going to back anyone as a family; everyone is for themselves. Division of family helped in favor of capitalism and now it seems that was not enough.
So you might wonder what next? How will our species progress? How will our species survive if nobody is having kids or the population starts decreasing? The answer is simple. Then it will be even more prosperous situation for the pharmas and corporates involved in the artificial uterus technology where you can have babies without the need of a women or a man. Science has already progressed to a level where one can have human off-springs with just one gender. Imagine what happens when both the gender's physical, reproductive and other needs are met by private corporations with some cost attached but not each other for free. Instead of man and women meeting each other's physical needs for free now they pay for a corporation for their needs, just like they pay for a cooking machine, washing machine, virtual reality tech etc., instead of a situation of their ancestors where they had it for free from each other and it was a whole lot better than anything that they could ever have. Just Imagine...